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5 Effective Ways to Build Trust on Social Media

Social Media Trust

Marketing on social media platforms is the new way to lead. Statistics and various researches reveal that abrand’s trust factor is built effectively using social media appropriately.

Online reputation management (ORM) is a technique that is pacing up, and brands are realizing its worth. Social media is a major part of ORM and is a crucial aspect for any company. Accessible to all, it gives the brand a chance to showcase their identity to potential customers. Hence, it is important that accurate information is placed on different social channels, in order to build a flourishing relationship with them.

Here are some important tips that a brand can incorporate while building perception on social media:

    • Let the world know about your ratings and reviews
      A great way to start interacting with your online audience is by asking them to review and rate your products/services on your social media page. Doing so gives people the authority and a chance to express themselves. Make sure to share those statistics, reviews and ratings with your followers across all the platforms. If the reviews are authentic, the trust building exercise will yield positive results.
    • Give a special place to every testimonial
      Acknowledging your customers by sharing their testimonials is a great way to build a loyal fanbase. There is nothing more rewarding for a customer than knowing their feedback is being valued.
      Sharing it on your social media page is a way of telling your patrons that you notice and appreciate their responses.
    • Let your followers know about the conversations you have
      ORM is certainly incomplete without special attention to conversations and mentions. When you post screenshots of conversations on your brand page, it lets people know that you care. The misconception of a page being just anautomated advertisement medium is also rectified. Sharing mentions helps your brand earn dependability.
    • Make way for entertainment
      The best approach while handling your brand’s social media presence is to give your audience something to laugh about. Posting content only about your products and services might decrease your followers. However, if you find something intriguing, chances are that your audience will like it too. As long as it aligns with your brand and vision, there is no harm in sharing it.
      Following such practices give your ORM process an upper hand. It also lets the users know that there is an actual person operating the page with a goal of communicating with them.
    • Be unique
      A loyal fan base looks for a brand, which acts as a thought leader. Easy acceptance on social media happens only with original ideas. Reposting or re-tweeting content will earn you a reputation of nothing but of an attention-seeking news feed factory. If you want to be a trendsetter, earn your audience’s time and respect by giving them something to look forward to in terms of original content.

A slow and gradual process, ORM takes time to yield results. However, once built, reputation on social media acts as a base to attract customers. Commitment and a caring attitude towards your followers establish a mutually beneficial relationship, converting followers into paying customers.