• 2017aReputation: Online Reviews Can Push Your Local Business Towards Profit

    NEW DELHI, November /Techannouncer/ -- “According to the experts at aReputation), an ORM policy comes with a strategy to earn and manage your online reputation. It keeps a tab on the review flow of your brand by tracking the keywords. In a SEO strategy, keywords help in scanning the reviews floating around a brand name on the Internet.

  • 2016Demonetisation: Corporates take the cashless path

    NEW DELHI, November /The India Express/ -- “At aReputation, we are driven by the belief that a happy employee is an asset. It’s a win-win situation. The current scenario has caused inconvenience, not just to our people, but to everyone. Our alliance with American Express is aimed at ensuring that the workforce does not face daily transaction issues. We feel a corporate responsibility towards our people and believe this initiative is for everyone’s good”, said Manya Khare, CEO, aReputation. READ MORE
  • 2016aReputation: Providing a Positive Online Landscape

    NEW DELHI, November /India Info Line/ -- Online reputation repair and risk management firm aReputation’s ( spokesperson David Miller pointed out, “India’s top 1000 corporate houses require end-to-end online reputation management, both as a reinstation to print and television users who also use internet, as well as a mechanism to reach out to the 100 million-plus internet users who spend majority of their waking time on the internet, laptops and smartphones.
  • 2016aReputation launches an advanced social media analytics tool

    NEW DELHI, October 9, 2016 /Business Standard/ -- aReputation Asia's leading Social Media Analytics Company -- has launched Vigilint, a cloud-based tool that helps companies monitor, track and manage their complete social and digital media universe. Typically, Vigilint delivers advanced analytics and measurements for companies of all sizes, and offers comprehensive keyword tracking with live stream technology.
  • 2016aReputation Merges all its Divisions World Over into One Extensive Global Arm

    NEW DELHI, July 28, 2016 /Business Wire India/ -- aReputation , the leading digital engagement and online reputation management company, today announced the merger of all its global divisions into a consolidated company, headquartered out of New Delhi, India. The company has long established itself as the pioneer in the field of ORM and has been operating in the US, UK, India and others. It will now service its global clientele through one centralized unit. .
  • 2016Ensuing US, Countries Like India Awaken to Reputation Management in the Digital World

    NEW DELHI, February 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- aReputation 2016 marks the beginning of a year dedicated to online reputation management and digital engagement as numerous brands and agencies are seen coming together to create new interactive opportunities in the digital space.
  • 2016UKTI-affiliated aReputation announces$2 mn investment post Royal Couple's meet in Mumbai

    NEW DELHI, April 12, 2016 /Business Standard/ -- After attending a 'Young Entrepreneurs Networking' meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Mumbai recently, aReputation, an online reputation management company based in India and the UK, has announced an investment of two million pounds for expanding their UK operations and their headquarters in the UK.
  • 2014Companies Tap 'Online Reputation Management' To Take On Web Rumours

    NEW DELHI, June 23, 2014 /Economic Times/ -- According to the findings of the study conducted by Indo-UK online reputation management company , more than 6,000 SMEs and 240 large corporations in India have engaged such 'Online Reputation Management' service providers.
  • 2014Hit by malicious rumours, cos rope in ‘online reputation management’ firms

    NEW DELHI, June 23, 2014 /Indian Express/ -- aReputation : Hit hard by malicious rumours and negative comments on Internet about them, thousands of companies have roped in ‘Online Reputation Management’ firms to deal with this menace and protect their businesses, a survey has found.