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June 13, 2018
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The Artificial Intelligence of Social Media – Generating New Avenues

aRepuatation USE of AI in Social Media

The Internet has myriad unstructured data lying around to be used for our benefit. With an increasing number of social media marketers and thus, the number of channels, tools that help leverage the available data are a priority.

With artificial intelligence or AI coming into the picture, this combination of both has proven to be one of the greatest advantages for marketers as well as end users.

Here are some of the ways in which AI is aiding social media make a bigger, better impact:

Content generation: Compared to the amount of data that was being produced 20 years back, there is a massive difference today. While brands opted for running a single campaign in 6-7 months, now, they run up to six or more campaigns in 1 month. The incorporation of AI in this scenario has enabled them to access data that tells them about the users’ habits and patterns of usage.

Intelligent competition: The Internet houses many content, including the ones that impact your social presence negatively. With intelligent AI tools like Vigilint from aReputation, a perception management company based in New Delhi, you can gauge what exactly is going on. The tool highlights any negative activity that happens and generates alerts that give you insights on the metrics.

Optimization of content: Blossom is an app built by The New York Times that tells them which story to boost, based on the response. Out of 300 odd stories, the ones that appeal more to the readers are identified by this tool, and then more attention is paid to these in terms of promotion.

Influencer marketing: Influencers play a big role in marketing a brand in the right manner. Tools like InsightPool identify the best matches in terms of influencers from around the globe. A database of around 600 million, which is otherwise a big number, can be easily searched using this tool. Personality, characteristics and goals are all gauged and only then, the best results are presented.

Customer service: What initially used to be a human task, is now a set of codes. When you send a ‘Hi’ across to a brand’s social media page, the chances that a chat-bot will revert within no time are very high. The oncoming of artificial intelligence has made the job easier for both brands, and consumers.

Adding value to the market, AI has brought multiple new prospects to social media. With the speed that it is being incorporated with tools such as InsightPool, Vigilint, and many more, smartness is becoming a way of life in the industry.