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February 8, 2019
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Black Hat ORM: How it does more harm than good

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When it comes to online reputation management, every action seems fair. However, black hat ORM tactics can do more harm than good, reviews aReputation

Content over the internet can have a significant impact on your business, whether for better or for worse. A series of negative reviews could prove to be devastating for your brand’s public perception. Online reputation management (ORM) becomes necessary here, since anyone can say anything online without revealing their name, posing as an expert or as someone else.

If you’re looking for an ORM service provider to clean up your brand’s image online, you need to ensure it’s not going to employ black hat tactics on your behalf. Otherwise, you could find yourself in more troubled waters than before, suggests Team aReputation.

What is Black Hat ORM?

Black Hat ORM is a host of tactics that are effective, but at times illegal. While the short-term, immediate reward could seem tantalizing, these tactics often come back to bite your business and create graver problems than a handful of negative reviews ever could.

Consequences of using Black Hat tactics

Using Black Hat tactics can wreak havoc on your brand’s online standing. If search engines catch on such tactics, your brand will be penalized. Your search engine rankings could also plummet, making it highly unlikely that people searching for your products or services will find your company. The worst-case scenarios posed by Black Hat tactics include massive fines and lawsuits that create considerable financial liabilities, along with shattering your brand’s reputation.

Vetting an ORM service provider

Keeping in mind the risks of going forward with a Black Hat ORM strategy, it becomes extremely important to vet any ORM service provider you choose to partner with. A good, responsible digital wellness partner will only engage in “White Hat” ORM tactics, which might take longer to produce the desired results but will successfully ward off unwanted attention or legal trouble.

Hire an ORM agency which make use of only ethical and White Hat ORM strategies, which are approved by search engines like Google, and which wouldn’t in any way attract any penalties. When considering an ORM service, Team aReputation suggests you ask the company pointed questions to find out its exact process and the strategy it will employ on your behalf.

Red Flags to look out for

Here are some red flags you might encounter in discussions with any potential ORM partner:

  • Guaranteed positive reviews: ORM service providers promising you positive reviews or a certain number of reviews often generate fake content in your name.
  • Guaranteed first-page rankings: The working of search engine algorithms is largely secret; even from digital marketing professionals. No ORM agency can guarantee first-page rankings using white hat tactics.
  • Promises of overnight success: Building positive content for a strong search engine strategy and takes time. If an ORM service provider promises you overnight success, it likely intends to employ Black Hat tactics.

Due diligence in the procurement process for any product or service is imperative, especially when it comes to something as sensitive as online reputation management. Any uncertainty should be treated with suspicion, because putting your trust in an unverified ORM service that uses Black Hat tactics could put your brand’s reputation in crisis or your business in court.