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Brand perception: What is it, and why it’s important?

aReputation Brand Perception

If you are a business owner, or into digital marketing, you must have come across the term ‘brand perception’. We, at aReputation, bring you a comprehensive guide to brand perception and its importance. Take a look:

What is Brand Perception?

Also known as brand image, brand perception plays a crucial role in a company’s profitability. The term refers to the collective consumer perception of what a company’s product or services represent. This is often in stark contrast to what a business believes their brand stands for, since it is governed by the users/customers and their outlook of the company.

How can brand perception be measured?

Brand perception aids in identifying the position of a product or service as well as the effectiveness of a company’s advertising and marketing. While there is a wide range of techniques that can be used for measuring brand perception, tools like Vigilint make the job a lot easier by integrating a number of techniques under one umbrella. Other popular techniques that can be used for scaling brand perception are:

  1. Customer Surveys

Customer survey is a scaling technique helps in strengthening the brand image. One of the most effective branding tools present, customer surveys allow businesses to efficiently establish the link between brand perception and the overall business branding strategy.


  1. Social Media Listening

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others are a lot more than mere platforms for routinely publishing contents. These platform help in tracking customer impressions and shares. However, their true value comes from their work as excellent scaling technique, since they also help analyzing how customers search for your brand using specific keywords, hashtags, and mentions. Based on this analysis, you can align your business branding and make gains in terms of customer base.


  • Website Traffic

Website traffic analysis through tools such as Google Analytics and Vigilint allow companies to measure their brand perception, since these tools look into how many customers typed your URL into their address bar, clicked an email, booked your site, or downloaded a document.

Whether you are running a business, or are into digital marketing, brand perception is something you should absolutely pay heed to. With tools like Vigilint at your side, managing brand perception can be made a lot easier than it might seem at first.