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March 15, 2018
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How Chat Bot Marketing is changing The Digital World


You might be surprised to know, but it is now possible for your Facebook page to speak up for itself. Sounds intriguing? Social media analytics has risen to a level where the incorporation of chat bots, or rather bots, as they are commonly called, have started answering all the queries on social media.

The reason why bots are changing the way marketing is done, is that they are giving way to an easier approach of achieving results. The business world has evolved,and Internet is the solution to every question.

The popularity of social media is a direct reason for the success of bots. Social media analytics and marketing strategies have brought the revolution needed to change the way marketing is done.

Following are the benefits chat bots provide:

  • Better Open Rates
    Sending an email and waiting for a reply is a tedious process. Sending a message and receiving a reply the very next moment, is something that everyone prefers. Being interactive, people look forward to opening chat bots. The process is simple, even for the businesses, because they can skip complicated explanations and send the information needed by the customers.


  • Better Engagement
    Social media marketing brings forward a lot of engagement. Various techniques are used to interact with people and build their interest. For a business, chat bots can be very effective. A character-driven experience with these bots, keeps them interested in the process.


  • Rapid Growth
    Messaging aps like Facebook Messenger, We Chat among others, are a convenient way of communicating. With the introduction of bots in these applications, the entire process of consumer interaction is streamlined.Bots can be programmed to start a conversation. The prompt can be an interesting way to grab the visitor’s attention, thereby keeping their interest alive.


  • Data Source
    Bots are created with a purpose of understanding human behavior and thus, provide data analysis about the visitor. User location, type of device and various other factors are gauged by the bots. This helps in building a personalized experience for every user. A direct result of increased user engagement is an increased number of customers.Chat bots interact with the customers in real time. Thus, businesses save a lot of time when they collect information from bots instead of third party sources.


  • Enhances Your Social Media Presence
    For a business to be successful, the first stepping stone is being competitive. Social media analytics, if implied properly, can help you stay ahead of the game.Incorporating chat bots makes it easy for the consumer and also gives your online presence an edge. Staying with the trend, the perception of your business is positive. This directly helps in increasing your consumer base.


Chat bots help a business increase its brand value. At the same time, they are an interesting way to keep the users engaged.