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Digital marketing and automation: How the two terms go hand in hand

Digital marketing automation

When we talk about the word ‘automation’, we also find that it is often confused with ‘repetition’. Although the two terms are closely related, automation involves some smart work. Assembly lines complete with conveyor belts is one of the humankind’s earliest examples of automation. Likewise, digital marketing is the most well-known and modern example of automation. Wondering how the two terms go hand in hand? Read on:

Automation in digital marketing typically begins when an internet user clicks on a link that leads to a landing page, which either contains an email sign up or a sales letter. Automation holds an extremely important role in this scenario because digital marketing personnel can set the same automated processes going in tandem with thousands of web users simultaneously.

Why is Automated Digital Marketing a huge business?

Setting up a website that directs internet users to your sales pages and your company is definitely going to make money, despite what is being sold, or even how good your pitch is. Wondering why? For one simple reason: automation enables digital marketers to play the numbers game. Automation is pretty much a guarantee that you will find buyers, as long as you are able to get traffic.

Examples of automation in Digital Marketing

Auto-responder emails are a perfect example of automation in the digital marketing diaspora. For the uninitiated, these emails are basically a series of pre-written messages that are automatically sent at precise intervals. So, if you have a website in which you promise everyone who signs up for your email list seven tricks that will help them to learn SEO faster, each of your auto-responders could use a different language.

How can Digital Marketing Automation work for your business?

The kind of automation your company is going to benefit from the most directly depends upon the kind of customer base you are marketing to, along with the product or service you are trying to sell. Automation is often used for upselling purposes, like sending out an automatic email for a discount on accessories when a customer buys a particular product. Such small gestures involving automation ultimately pay off quite well by providing you with a steady and loyal clientele.


Equating automation with monotony would be unfair to the technique, given the benefits it reaps for digital marketing by making the entire process more dynamic in nature.