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Facebook Introduces “Info & Ads” Section Showing All Ads of a Single Page

Facebook Latest Update

A recent update by Facebook, the “Info & Ads” section has given transparency a new meaning. The feature reveals the list of ads that a particular page has run across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or any other partner networks.

The feature enables a user to visit a page and check its complete scope of advertising. The entirety of this feature revolves around the fact that even if a particular ad was not targeted to a customer, he/she can view it as well. An added characteristic is the “Report Ad” button, which will allow users to flag the ad if they find it suspicious.

Moreover, the information will include the creation date of the page and a highlight of the recent name change, if any.

Commenting on the feature, Facebook’s director of product management, Rob Leathern said, “The vast majority of ads on Facebook are run by legitimate organizations — whether it’s a small business looking for new customers, an advocacy group raising money for their cause, or a politician running for office. But we’ve seen that bad actors can misuse our products, too.”

Facebook first revealed this update in October last year and along with a few more changes that were made in the political ad policies. A tutorial video educating people about the feature was also shared by Facebook.
Further revelation from Facebook included plans to add more page information soon.

Not only Facebook, Twitter as well recently brought multiple changes to their ad policies. The changes come in order to secure the platforms against any spiteful behavior similar to the incidents of 2016 presidential elections. Twitter has come up with an Ad Transparency Center, a database of ads easily searchable, similar to Facebook’s ad archive.

Concrete steps in the digital world’s ad policies are making it more competitive and open to the viewers. Ads have been dominating the digital word since the idea first floated and thus, changing policies are the need of the hour.