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Online Reputation Management: How Facebook recommendations will impact businesses?

aReputation Facebook analysis

Just like online reputation management (ORM) has become an increasingly important component of digital marketing, Facebook has become a key player in ORM. Consumers find Facebook the easiest way to provide feedback about local businesses, quite literally.

If we go by facts and figures, about 47 per cent of consumers chose Facebook to review local businesses during the last year. This number is way above that of Google (about 25 per cent) and Yelp (about 17 per cent), as well as other customer review sites.

Changing the existing dynamics of the consumer review system, Facebook recently ditched its 5-star review ranking to replace it with a “more user-friendly” yes-no recommendation process. The latest feature has already begun rolling out to business pages on Facebook.

Instead of asking the users to rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, Facebook will now present its users with the question: “Do You Recommend (this business)?” The rest of the options will be presented to the user only after answering this simple question.

If a user decides to answer “yes,” he’ll be provided with the option to add tags, photos, as well as additional feedback about the business. However, if a user replies “no,” he will be asked to share specific feedback as to why they would not recommend the business in question.

Analysts at aReputation are of the opinion that this update is rolled out as an attempt at weeding out fake reviews, thus making the Facebook review system more reliable and genuine. While it might enhance the user experience on Facebook, this raises the big question for those into digital marketing: “How exactly would Facebook recommendations impact businesses?”

ORM experts at aReputation believe that Facebook’s latest feature is a good news for digital marketing. Facebook recommendations would now bind the customer into providing a legit explanation for each recommendation, be it positive or negative.

Furthermore, Facebook’s latest feature would provide the business owners with an option to report questionable recommendations as irrelevant, unfair or inauthentic. It remains to be seen what kind of action will be taken on Facebook’s part in response to the feedback from business owners. However, this would surely aid ORM experts and digital marketing personnel to detect if someone is purposely trying to defame their clients, more so if they are using specific analytical tools like Vigilint.

The importance of crowdsourced feedbacks and reviews in the success of a business is no secret. Facebook’s latest feature is completely in the same tangent with this notion by making enhancing the genuineness of customer feedback about a business.