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Looking at Facebook ad for Sunglasses? Now try them on at the same time


Stepping up the augmented reality (AR) game, Facebook is in the testing phase of a new tool that helps brands create mobile video ads.

A perfect large scale example of the test run is the campaign by Michael Kors. The ads for sunglasses allowed users to try them on before buying with the help of AR. The future plan involves testing of this feature by various brands in different domains, such as accessories, gaming, furniture, cosmetics, etc.

AR makes use of the camera, and allows the user to check different aspects of a particular product. Once finalized, the user can then buy it using the ad.

Prior to this, Facebook had successfully delivered the best AR experience to messenger users. The claim is backed by numbers. Two of the major brands in the market, ASUS and Kia, saw an increase in engagement. ASUS had nearly 10 times more engagement, while Kia’s click-to Messenger ad campaign gave it a 46 per cent increment in daily average dealer inventory searches. Kia also saw a 20 per cent increase in daily calls to dealerships.

Apart from these two major changes, Facebook is also rolling out a Video Content Creation Kit. This kit allows the advertisers to create video ads using existing photos and videos. These videos can be optimized for mobile viewing. Another added advantage that comes with the kit is that advertisers can upload photos and videos, thereby adding overlays to create Facebook news feed ads, Instagram ads, Messenger ads and Facebook Audience’s Network.

The launch of IGTV is also a step towards the inclusion of more videos in the mainstream social media usage. Various other efforts are being made in the same realm and Facebook is prepping up to showcase multiple changes that will give a new definition to social media ad campaigns.