Developing a New Reputation Management System For The Digital World
February 3, 2016
Online Reputation Management
What Makes Online Reputation Management Essential For All Businesses?
January 9, 2017
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Online Reputation Management Means?

online reputation management

Online Reputation Management means different things to people heading different businesses, depending on the space you are operational in, i.e., you operate in a B2C, B2B, B2G or are you a SaaS provider.

While all of the above differ in their approach and strategy, there still remains one similarity than none, Online Reviews define the progress of your business.

Ever since the world went digital, online reviews became the new ‘world of mouth’. Thus a defining factor of the phenomenon we call social media.


Online reputation management is important for three reasons:

  • Informative– to be aware of the sentiment and potential impact of the comments
  • Reactive-If you know what is being said, you have the choice to do something with it or not. By doing something with it, you can generate more positive responses. You can also respond (in a positive way) to negative reactions.
  • Proactive– moving on from the prior defensive factors, acting proactive online keeps you ahead of the curve. It helps you take control of the discussions about your brand. Also, if you don’t have a reputation, you shall get one this way. That obviously takes work.

Online reputation management is driven by social media handles and digital PR, thus is important again to understand the role of various social media channels and handles viz twitter, facebook, linkedIn inter-alia.

Earn Your Internet Presence Back


ORMOnline Reputation Management, over time has become more of a need than want. With the world going digital for everything, virtual space has become our reality. It is difficult to cut ourselves loose from the consequences of cyberspace activities. We all make purchases only the method has changed now, following the emergence of digitization making ORM a need of the hour.

The era of digitization has transformed maximum of our purchases into online orders. The example of Netflix and Blockbuster, two movie-renting firms fits perfectly. The former evolved with time and switched to digital offering while the latter stuck to its conventional method of selling DVDs instead. Today, Blockbuster is experiencing bankruptcy and Netflix enjoys a profit worth of $28 billion.

Considering the above example, an increase in demand for online reputation management is apparent and much needed too. As maintaining a reputation on the Internet has become a necessity for brands, the demand for ORM firms has also grown massively.  A reputation online management firm, helps affected brands to clean defamatory content posted against them.

Since, online reputation management is an accumulation of techniques to rebuild brand reputation, it too demands evolution. With transitions in user behavior, it is necessary to modernize ORM techniques too. However, lack of time leaves us with no moment to spare on the implementation of ORM techniques. There comes the role of reputation management experts.

The Hidden Chapter of ORM: Employee Reputation Management


Online Reputation Management is a vast industry that comprises of various chapters. Employee Reputation Management is one of its key segments that share an equal responsibility for managing a brand’s reputation. ORM is not just meant for individuals, but also for brands. Understanding the correlation between the two is crucial to get into the depth of ORM.

The idea of employee reputation management has evolved from the fact that every person who works for a brand represents it too. Therefore, online reputation management works in combination with its other aspects. Organizations need to perform a candidate’s background check before hiring them and continue the practice after hiring them. This pattern of ORM helps monitor the online activities of employee that may be potentially harmful for the brand’s reputation.

A company is equally responsible for hiring people with questionable backgrounds as they may turn out to be the perpetrator of illegal or violent activities in future. Social media networks are on the rise for provoking people over sensitive issues by sharing controversial opinions about them. Keeping a track of the employee’s online reputation management matters as much for a brand as their own.

Employee reputation management became an important concept since the visibility of business activities increased, owing to Internet dependency. The risk of harming a brand’s reputation can be avoided simply by employing the right measures, i.e., Online Reputation Management services .

Some of the top Online Reputation Management companies suggest that as a brand’s representative, each employee is responsible for holding back certain information that can harm the company’s reputation. Maintaining professional mannerism online can put your company’s reputation in positive light and ensure job security for you at the same time.

4 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Online Reputation Management Strategy



When a business loses face, it’s Online Reputation Management that can work wonders. ORM lifts a floundering business and stabilizes its position in the industry. Sometimes, even putting all the right ingredients may fail to work for your business if a single negative remark floats up to the Internet. Negative results on search engines like Google can break your reputation without your knowledge. Every activity on the Internet is crucial and requires continual observation. More than fixing an issue, it is important that you know when and what caused it in the first place.

Running a business already is a big task. Traditional PR can’t help much, as digital PR has taken over, and became a hot topic sought by the online reputation management industry.

Here are four mistakes you should avoid to maintain your brand’s online reputation.

Mind That Review: Reviews play an important role in maintaining a brand’s reputation. Getting rid of negative reviews may agitate users. Play well and take on things by appreciating them for giving in their important input. However, avoid getting a verbal scuffle when dealing with the reviewer.

Beware of Negative Social Media Posts: Delegating tasks is important to concentrate on crucial activities. When delegating social networking tasks to an employee, make sure you track what they do with the account and how they deal with people engaged. Anything that is said or done using your account reflects your brand.

Stay Aware: Social media is the life of the party. Just because you fear somebody might use your social media accounts improperly, doesn’t mean you have to quit using it at all. Social media is your universal identity and reflects your work to the mass. Stay and be aware.

Not Hiring the Right Professionals: If tracking negative matter on the Internet is too much to you, hire a professional. With Online Reputation Management services becoming familiar, it is best to take professional help and get the desired results without having to waste time worrying about negative online presence.

Some of the best reputation online management companies in Delhi, India may not be well-known because of the confidentiality of their work. Hire the right professionals to get the job done.

How to Make the Right Impression: A guide to Digital Reputation Management


a-Reputation- first-impressionThe first impression is generally the last. What matters is how your brand appears. Looking for something on the Internet lands you in a pool of results, but the first thing that you do is – see. Businesses on the Internet today work in a similar pattern. Search engine listing plays a major role in determining what people think about your brand.  Not being aware of what people see when searching for your brand decreases your chances of perfecting that ‘first impression’. Managing the content that gets listed on the search engine is also a part of Online Reputation Management services. Every business must have a clean online reputation in order to secure beneficial search results.

Making a Good Digital Impression

Most of the times, the result that appears on the first page of a search engine determines your choice. People consider a brand based on two factors, one that has the best ranking and what those are links about. Search engines like Google don’t necessarily give preference only to the positive content. In fact, according to their algorithm, the content that receives maximum footprint, ranks better on Google, regardless of whether it portrays a positive or negative tone of content.

Rank Better

A number of recent studies based on website traffic, say that more than 64% of a company’s web traffic comes from the searches conducted using a brand or company’s name. This ratio comes especially from mobile users. Better ranking is necessary to secure this traffic for your brand.

Portray Clean

Ranking alone will not do any good if the content that ranks, portrays negative content. Proper optimization should be achieved to ensure that the ranking consists of positive content instead of negative or fake links. This is a crucial part of online reputation management.

Target Audience

Not all the website traffic that you receive is convertible. Aim for the target audience that is interested in what you are marketing. When you portray the right content to the target audience, results and revenue will automatically flow in.

Implementing ORM techniques is not everybody’s cup of tea, which is why top reputation online management companies suggest taking professional help. It is better to invest wisely, and do the right thing than wait till a crisis takes place.