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How your online reputation does a number on your new business and retention

Online reputation of business

We are living in an age where everyone and anyone can publicly leave damaging feedback about businesses over the web. Companies often find themselves at a loss when it comes to controlling their brand perception online. However, adopting a proactive approach can pull any such business out of the muddle.

“Happy customers tell no one, but unhappy customers tell everyone.” Well, the old adage is actually right, more so in today’s digitalized age. A dissatisfied customer posting a major rant on social media could affect a large number of prospective customers, who are likely to check out the reviews of your business before investing their trust. And it is because of these two types of users that online reputation management (ORM) becomes imperative for your business.

According to a report by Pew Research, only one in 10 people consistently leave a review online for a business. This poses a major issue for brands, because more than eight out of 10 consumers (82 per cent, according to Pew) read reviews to validate buying decisions. This implies that customers more often trust other customers instead of your brand advertisements. Combined with consumer-generated content (CGC), this behavior plays a crucial role in transforming brand perception management from an erstwhile monologue to a dynamic dialogue.

One cannot just hope for such positive reviews to show up organically. However, the situation can be brought under control if you follow a proactive approach. Most high-consideration purchases are heavily researched beforehand. To gain new customers and retain the existing ones, you need positive reviews of your business.

With specialized tools like Vigilint, we, at aReputation, see to it that positively inclined customers make up the most of the organic traffic researching purchase decisions, while irate feedbacks stay minimal. Roping in an online reputation management (ORM) company gives you the opportunity to highlight positive feedback about your business and convert the few net detractors into net promoters.

ORM for your business is crucial in today’s world, since a single negative review shatters the positive perception of your brand for eons. A bad reputation online can do some serious numbers on your new business and retention. However, an ORM expert can surely help.