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March 5, 2019
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Pinterest Ramps Up eCommerce Tools, Adds More Ways to Share & Promote Products


With an IPO in the pipeline, Pinterest is amping up its eCommerce tools. The image-sharing site has added new features for product catalogs and personalized shopping recommendations, in a bid to maximize business potential.

The ‘More like this’ option that appears beneath each Pin displays visually similar items. In addition to this feature, Pinterest is now adding a ‘More from [brand]’ option. This new feature would showcase a broader range of products from the same brand.

‘More like this’ option often took users away from a particular brand and/or their product, even if their catalog had a product that looked similar and would fit the bill. Tapping on the ‘More from [brand]’ will showcase these offerings. This would enable businesses to engage users for longer and in turn facilitate brand loyalty, reviews Team aReputation.

Another addition that would provide more ways for Pinners to find available products similar to what they’re interested in, is the ‘More ideas’ option. Present alongside style, home, beauty and DIY boards, clicking on ‘More ideas’ will bring in-stock ideas related to what users have been saving, to match their style.

Brands will also be able to upload their full catalog to Pinterest, turning their products into dynamic Product Pins. This feature compliments the platform’s recent announcement of automated ‘Shop the Look’ Pins, which enable users to identify products within Pins and connect them to buying options.

According to Team aReputation, uploading your product catalog will ensure your products show up for more of these automated recommendations, boosting your business potential on the platform.

The image-sharing platform is also to make its shopping ads to all businesses. In a bid to expand its ‘Shopping Search’, Pinterest is soon to make this feature available through its self-serve ad tool. This would provide businesses with an opportunity to showcase more products for interested buyers during related on-platform queries.


Team aReputation reviews that these new features expand Pinterest’s eCommerce potential by adding more ways for users to find and buy itens that are relevant to their search history, interests and specific brands. With some 90% of Pinners using the platform to plan for or make purchases, Pinterest already drives far higher purchase intent than other platforms. These updates would only add to its desirability as a potential business promotion platform.

Despite having fewer users than other social platforms, Pinterest has been successful in revamping its image as a ‘discovery engine’ and ‘a catalog of ideas’. Driven by personal preferences and interests, the image-sharing site is different in forming a middle ground between Google search and Amazon product listings. Businesses can expect more of such new features ahead of Pinterest’s potential IPO later this year, reviews Team aReputation.