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August 4, 2018
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Reviews: The Make or Break of Your Business

Review Power aRep

Imagine you have a business with the aspiration of being the best in the world. What is the one and only thing that can get you on top? Customers. When a buyer speaks, also popularly called ‘Reviews’, a potential customer listens.

Reviews are embedded in your daily routine. You think of experimenting with a new AC, television, mobile, earphones, shampoo or even something as small as soap on the suggestion of a known person. When the suggestion of one person can influence you to try something new, can you imagine what would happen if thousands spread their opinion to another thousand people about your product? The result is unreal.

In today’s technological world, Internet is the biggest platform for any business. Getting your product listed on premier online shopping websites is a milestone in itself, but the climb up is only steeper. According to analysts, four negative reviews out of 10 are enough for a buyer to reject the product. So, how to monitor the opinion of the masses and cater to the issues? The answer is simple: Online Reputation Management (ORM).

ORM has picked up substantial traction in the recent past with businesses going online. As the name suggests, it is the management of your brand’s online reputation. Customer, potential buyers, critics, everyone voices their opinion about your brand, but with ORM you can monitor it and improve on your shortcomings.

With positive reviews, the reliability of your product and the credibility of your company increases. On the other hand, the intensity of one negative review is sometimes enough to initiate a chain reaction, which may lead to the end of your business.

At aReputation, we understand the magnitude of your situation and provide you services that help you observe your customers and, if needed, repair your online reputation. Our tool, VIGILINT, helps you map your competition, market and calculate insights. Real-time monitoring, keywords tracking, and daily routine changes required for better visibility are revealed by VIGILINT.

The updates of such regular developments help you to think on your feet and optimize your business performance as per the trend of today. This generates traffic towards your product, and plays an instrumental role in spreading a positive word about your brand.

Other social campaigns like Marketing or Advertising turn out to be a game-changer when coupled with ORM. Reaching the right audience, for the right product, at the right time is how a business flourishes. Internet practices like cookies, most clicked products, most liked posts, etc., act as a catalyst in refining the online functioning of your business.