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Role of Social Media in Online Reputation Management – An evaluation by aReputation

role of social media in online reputation management

Online reputation management or ORM is a term that individuals and companies have been paying a lot of attention to. For a business to flourish, it is one of the essential factors. It helps a company monitor the online activity, the ones that can harm your business. Initially, only organizations in hospitality and travel kept a check on their ORM. However, with time, industries like IT, telecommunication, entertainment, sports, electronics, etc., have also been interested in the same.

In the last decade, social media has revolutionized the Internet by connecting people across the globe. Similar is the case with brands. Social media not only helps them connect with the right audience, but also helps establish a communication channel. Experts at aReputation understand the nitty-gritties of social media and help brands build a dependable with online reputation management.

Managing what appears online is important because people check reviews posted by other users. Since, social media is an easily accessible platform for all, your products or services will only sell if the reflection of your business is positive online.

According to a recent survey, 22% of people who have a bad experience report it online, while only 9% of the people, who have a positive experience, express it on online platforms. This makes it even more crucial to manage the online reputation that a brand holds. The overall scenario directly impacts the bottom line revenue.

Following are the ways a business can make the best of social media for their benefit:

  1. Search Engine Optimization: Negative reviews create a direct impact on your sales graph. Even one negative review can act as a threat to your reputation. If the primary keywords associated with your business showcase negative reviews on the first page of Google search, it surely is a matter to worry about. Nobody wants potential customers looking at negative reviews or comments. Fortunately, social media platforms hold high authority when talking about SEO. They play an impactful role on how a customer looks at your brand. Make sure to get your brand on all major social media platforms and use keywords that help you optimize your pages/profiles. This will help you list your social media profiles in the top search results. Working closely with the brands, aReputation keeps a check on all your social media activities and makes sure only the best is reflected online, making sure your business is always on the right path.
  2. The right social platforms mean everything: Social Media is a vast domain with multiple platforms to choose from. Picking the platforms that will help you market your products effectively is the first important step. Gauge your target audience and then decide what’s best for you. If you are a finance company, you might choose LinkedIn to engage with your customers, whereas a brand that sells apparels will go for platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.
  3. Sharing is Caring: Make sure you spread the word when people mention something positive about your business on social media. Share it with your followers to let them know the good work that you have done. However, be subtle, and try not to be over promotional. Also, reply to positive comments with “Thank You, we are glad that you liked our services’” or anything else that deems fit. Small gestures like these ones go a long way in building the online reputation. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for positive recommendation from your social media followers. Happy customers love providing good feedback, you only need to ask. Bulk positive reviews and recommendations will also overpower a few negatives, thereby helping you achieve the overall goal.

Social Media is an effective tool, which, if used properly can work wonders for your brand. Pay attention to detail and the massive potential that online activities have, will bear fruitful results for your business.