It is often said that no boon comes without an impending curse. Thissaying so aptly applies to the Internet. Amidst all its superlatives, the World Wide Web brims with fraudulent incidents. The transition in technology has brought along the risk of fatal cyber threats.

The expansive digital world does have loopholes. It gives criminals ample getaways to exploit resources and prey on regular innocent audience. Sadly, even a single lapse in judgment can wreak havoc to your business’s reputation. Because the Internet has bestowed immense power to everyone, indulging in unethical activities, such as defaming a brand is just like a piece of cake.

aRepGlobal’s special offering ─ aInvestigate (online investigation) ─ is designed primarily to address this growing critical pain point of clients. Our team of qualified agents and cyber detectives get to the roots of crime and find a justified closure to each case, every time.

Our special software and tools help track down internet criminals, involved in cyber stalking, cyber bullying, financial fraud and identity crimes.Services like IP trace and social network identity tracing enable clients to trace the culprits, who are attacking their reputation online.

Our proprietary technology allows us to locate and track the exact whereabouts of the culprit. Our experts look through the logs or monitor the IP address to find the guilty person’s IP address.aInvestigation ensures our clients are always a step ahead of their competitors.