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Social media analytics – The 3 Words That Hold The Power To Make or Break Your Online Presence

aRep Social media analytics

Social media has become one of the most common platforms for unprecedented popularity amongst customers and prospects. However, what is important to understand here is that having a mere social media presence is not a guarantee of success.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of other people working on similar products/services like you and presenting it on social media. Social Media is crowded and competitive at the same time. What is needed to understand here, is that optimizing your social media presence is the key. Understanding how to effectively manipulate social media analytics and use it in your favour is the need of the hour.

At aReputation, we closely analyse the activities on your social media handles and make sure to use it in your favour. Tracking data, we put to use effective strategies with respect to the pattern of the data collected. Here is a list.

Analysing the followers
Studying the followers, and finding out their details plays an important role in the enhancement of social image. It gives a better understanding of many aspects, such as age, gender, demographics and more. The analysis also provides a list of potential contacts, thereby helping in increasing the reach for a brand. Research on one platform also helps build audience on other platforms as well.

Analysing the post reach
What makes a difference is studying how every post on your social media page performs. The performance of every post is monitored in order to effectively use social median analytics in favour of the brand. Understanding how users perceive the data being shared, the posts they like the most or re-share the most, gives a broader idea of their liking.

Influencer marketing
A new term in town, influencer marketing entails getting your brand promoted through famous people. For instance, if you are a health foods brand, a famous gym trainer with a huge fan base might be the perfect person to get your products promoted. Understanding the need, at aReputation we identify people and platforms that will best suit your brand and make use of influencer marketing in the best possible manner. In a field where engagement is key, getting people taking about your brand is the perfect thing to do.

Comparing platforms
There are various platforms that you can scout and compare when it comes to social media. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, there are many more, such as Snapchat and Pinterest. Having a strong presence on all of them is not important. With the help of social media analytics, it is easy to identify the platforms that work the best for your brand. Using this data, it is clear where the efforts should be put in order to yield the maximum results.

We understand that tracking results is important and putting the analysis to use saves time. With the right tools, we observe what kinds of content works the best for you. Furthermore, this gives us an upper hand in generating specific content for you.

Social media analytics is a broad term encompassing numerous branches. It can help a brand understand their audiences and thus, increase their social media influence.