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Social media’s 4 Ws: How it Can Enhance Your Online Reputation

enhance your online reputation

Google’s search results, in one way or the other, will lead the user to the social media pages of your brand. This is why paying attention to your brand’s social media presence is crucial. When trying to increase your brand’s relevancy online, make sure to optimise your social media in order to make the most of online marketing.

At aReputation, we understand the criticalities that go behind the screen when working on social media. An essential factor, we make sure to address the four Ws that enhance your brand’s online status.


Social media is all about relationships. Optimizing it, is the first step above anything else. Hence, creating engaging content is of utmost priority. Align your content with both the user’s and brand’s goals. This will encourage the users to share the content you post. Regular posting will help Google identify your brand and will build trust. This will eventually provide your social media channels a higher ranking.

With social media experts at aReputation, we can help you build relevant content. This will give your followers something to look forward to. Also, we make sure to use categorized keywords, which boosts your SEO. Aligning the keywords with your company’s product categories, content topics and user interests, the ROI will increase.


Listening to and conversing with your audience keeps them engaged. Building user interest, analytics help in understanding the type of conversations the users are interested in. Asking them directly is also an option to know what they want. The demographics of your target audience also have an impact on the overall result.

The three factors to consider in this scenario are:
How does your audience view and share your content
Why are they engaging with your content
Their location and the geographical stats


Researching about all the relevant social media platforms is crucial. The spectrum of platform include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more. Choose the ones that are relevant to your brand and make your audience believe in the Ask Me Anything (AMA) model. Live videos, stories, campaigns are all effective ways of low cost and high engagement.


Content is king. But, what matters is making it relevant for your audience. The ability to create content that is effective for the people to share widely is a skill that needs to be mastered. Be consistent and give your audience a regular update about what you are doing.

With aReputation, you can easily manage your presence and be consistent when it comes to content.

Answering these questions can bring your brand on the forefront of social media. With managed services, you can bring about the required changes and increase your impact on the audience.