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The Increasing Popularity of Social Media on Mobile

Social Media on Mobile aReputation

Over the last decade, there has been a global transformation in internet usage on mobile. The trend has taken over the digital landscape, especially amongst the 18-34 year demographic.

At present, over 2.6 billion people use smartphones. This figure is likely to grow to 6.1 billion users by 2020. The rise in smartphone users has impacted social media in a significant manner. Statistics show that around 80 per cent of the social media is now used on mobile phones.

This makes it evident that the usage of social media is increasingly shifting to smartphones. In order to function, it relies upon instant updates and concurrent feeds, which are easily accessible through mobile Internet.

Following are some of the major effects of smartphones on social media:

1.   Messaging Apps

80 per cent of users active online, spend most of their time on three apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Chrome. Besides, apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, and Hike are also growing in significance.

All these apps have the facility of messaging, which enables a more expressive and creative form of communication. Brands have been using this feature for marketing. Started as a medium of interaction, social media is now being used as a platform for customer service, and distribution channel.

2.   Visual content is everything

With the rise in smartphone users, images and videos are becoming popular. Due to this, social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are being adopted the most.

Digital marketers have also began to realize the importance of images in feeds. They are investing in artists who are creative and unusual, and can craft images that are original.

Besides, video is becoming a more effective visual form of engaging audiences. Currently, the feature of live video on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, is giving viewers a chance to directly engage with brands and influencers. Using these means, brands are getting an opportunity to reach greater audiences.

3.   Social media on mobile is effective

Nearly two-third of the population depends on smartphones to look up even basic information. They use mobiles for activities like research, shopping, watching movies or online shows, instead of resorting to computers.

A number of brands have figured out that presence on mobiles is more prominent than desktops. To online marketing, they are using content and layouts that are compatible with the social media apps on mobile phones.

Digital marketers are also ensuring that they are “searchable” as per the algorithms. Understanding the need to be in the top search results on social media, several brands have begun investing in perception management companies.

The growing popularity of social media has created a major opportunity for digital marketers. Along with that, mobile marketing is also growing at a fast pace. With this, marketers are focusing on efforts in the similar direction.