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Which tool can curb online defamation, libel, slander?

online defamation aReputation

Having an active online presence is one of the biggest assets a business can have today. However, this business model comes with some of the biggest benefits and risks together. A business online means your presence is visible to anybody and everybody. This opens it up for both slander and praise. One negative or hateful comment online can bring down your reputation to an all-time low.

A commonly used term, ‘defamation’ is enough to change the audience’s perspective of any business. Generally speaking, following are the scenarios that can be classified under defamation:


  • A hurtful statement that is false and ruins the reputation
  • A statement that not just conveys an opinion but likely a fact
  • It is communicated directly to a third person inside the organization
  • The subject of the statement is harmed


Apart from the word defamation, libel and slander are two other words that need you need to focus on. The three of them are usually confused to be the same thing. Defamation is a false statement that causes harm, and is made about someone or a business in public. It is usually drawn from a fact. When these statements are written or published, they are called libel. Slander on the other hand, is usually a spoken form of defamation.

Having known the differences, what is even more important is how to tackle all these forms of abuse when they happen online. For any business to flourish, keeping their reputation clean is crucial. When anything of this manner occurs, what defines the business’s integrity and its future is the response.

This is where the term online reputation management services come into play. Playing a major role, these services give your business an edge. To tackle these situations, ORM services include multiple practices and methods that prevent the case from going worse. Experts who handle these cases make sure they answer with utmost care, and look into the depth of the matter, and only then proceed further.

Also, with ORM services in place, what happens is that every step is monitored and the chances of defamation are reduced to a large extent. However, even if a defamation case occurs, reputation management services nullify its effect gradually and help you keep your business intact. It is only when a business will have the best portrayal of its services, will it then climb the ladder of success.