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The Unconventional Social Media Platforms Your Brand Needs Today!

aReputation Social Media Platforms

Around 2.62 billion social media users entail a very likely business promotion platform. In a world that is entirely digital, 93 per cent marketers consider social media as a high value business growth tool. More than 50 per cent of this number are happy about the results they have achieved using it.

However, social media marketing goes beyond the common names that we hear on a regular basis. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the ones people usually refer to, but to make your content reach the right audience organically, a few more platforms can be explored:


Quora is a platform that is underappreciated. Not used by many for promotion, it can actually work wonders in empowering the brand identity. Open to your customers, it can help you communicate user experience directly.

For a brand, you can write all about it in your profile. Also, you can ask questions which will help you understand what your audience is looking forward to, and answer them when you need to communicate something to them.

For a successful Quora marketing strategy, it is important to keep your users engaged by asking and answering questions. Also, you should not over promote your brand, because 45 per cent of users tend to unfollow brands with too-much self-promotion. Maintain the balancing act, and you’ll have community engagement that’s worth it.

Facebook Messenger

Although messenger comes under Facebook, the social network can be easily counted as a separate platform when it comes to marketing.

Social media marketing if done right using messenger, can work wonders. The possibilities that it provides are endless. Integrating chatbot services is the best bet with messenger.

A chatbot is a smart artificial intelligence tool that can help you keep your clients engaged by instant replies. It helps create a strong user experience, ultimately leading to better customer retention. Who likes waiting for a person to reply anyway?


Amongst the many hip platforms that millennials and tech-loving users are into, is Pinterest. However, many businesses don’t understand that creating a business profile – including landing pages, products and content marketing campaigns. Create boards that specify topics and help users identify your brand.

Paid social media campaigns can help increase traffic, and results in increased purchases by the users.


A collection of images and infographics, Flickr is a topic-based platform. Based on user interest, brands can get recognition easily with their images. The discussions make it a positive portal because interested customers can be easily targeted and a brand can promote their services and/or products.

Backlinking the images to your website encourages the viewers to visit the website, thus promoting your business.

With these four platforms, aReputation can help you build a more aggressive client list. Although the traditional methods still hold value, experimenting with new social media portals opens up new doors for your brand, and helps you leverage the audiences you had been missing out on.